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Optimists of Southern Wisconsin - Football 2023

Presented by Optimists of Southern Wisconsin

Optimists of Southern Wisconsin
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Jan 07 Leaderboard Information
RankTicketNameCityClub NamePrizeTeamsScore
First Place5221Gary G. RippDaneWAUNAKEE$500.00CIN, DAL, DET, NO147
Second Place3873Kay KinneyOregonORG-BRKLYN$103.33DAL, DET, NO, TEN144
Second Place5763Ann HoganOak CreekOAK CREEK$103.33CIN, DAL, NO, NYG144
Second Place2400Jeffery KuchenbeckerMadisonMAD DWNTWN$103.33CIN, DAL, LV, NO144
Fifth Place279Barb SabakaBeloitBELOIT$38.33DAL, DET, NO, SEA137
Fifth Place1769Mackenzie BroganLisbonLAKE COUNTRY$38.33ARI, CIN, DAL, NO137
Fifth Place2448Jeff KuchenbeckerMadisonMAD DWNTWN$38.33CIN, DAL, NO, SF137
Eighth Place1044Mike DunnJanesvilleJNSVL TUES$12.50DAL, MIN, NO, TEN134
Eighth Place5088Dan DeVoeBellevilleVERONA$12.50DAL, LAR, NO, NYG134
Last Place2657Nancy Walsh-BoederMcFarlandMCFARLAND$25.00BAL, CAR, NE, TB22
Second to Last Place4935Wanda SololowskiDeforestUWW$15.00BAL, CAR, NE, WAS23
Third to Last Place2072David A. MartinLake MillsLake Mills$10.00CAR, CHI, LAC, NE24
* Prize information is representative of current sweepstakes standings only. Prize winners will be notified upon completion of the sweepstakes. *

Top 50

Jan 07 Top 50
Ticket #TeamsScore
5221CIN, DAL, DET, NO147
3873DAL, DET, NO, TEN144
5763CIN, DAL, NO, NYG144
2400CIN, DAL, LV, NO144
2448CIN, DAL, NO, SF137
1769ARI, CIN, DAL, NO137
279DAL, DET, NO, SEA137
5088DAL, LAR, NO, NYG134
1044DAL, MIN, NO, TEN134
5244DAL, IND, NO, TEN133
593DAL, IND, LV, NO132
5224DAL, NO, NYJ, TEN131
1472DAL, GB, NO, TEN131
5057CLE, DAL, DET, NO130
2378CIN, DET, MIN, NO129
5411DAL, HOU, JAX, NO129
17DAL, DET, LAC, NO128
2154CIN, LAR, NO, TEN128
4433DAL, MIA, NO, TEN128
3706DAL, KC, NO, TEN127
829ARI, DAL, LAR, NO127
5195ATL, CIN, DET, NO126
4539ARI, DAL, NO, SF126
4403BUF, DET, NO, NYG126
3971CIN, JAX, NO, NYG126
3201DAL, IND, NO, SEA126
1606DAL, LAC, NO, TEN126
1626DET, JAX, NO, TEN126
1137DAL, DET, NO, WAS126
2052ARI, DAL, JAX, NO126
610DAL, KC, LV, NO126
4176DET, MIN, NO, NYG125
4135DAL, LAC, NO, NYG125
1622DAL, IND, NO, SF125
3696CHI, DAL, DET, NO125
5153DET, LV, MIN, NO125
1057BAL, DAL, NO, TEN124
3544BUF, DAL, GB, NO124
171DAL, JAX, NO, NYJ123
1976CIN, GB, NO, NYG123
552LV, NO, NYG, SEA123
1281DAL, NO, TB, TEN123
3315DAL, DEN, HOU, NO123
2875ATL, DAL, JAX, NO123
1188DAL, LV, NO, WAS123
4943ARI, CIN, HOU, NO122
3568CIN, DET, KC, NO122
2009DET, NO, NYG, PIT122
1932LV, NO, NYG, SF122
615LV, MIN, NO, NYG122

Bottom 50

Jan 07 Bottom 50
Ticket #TeamsScore
1614ATL, CHI, NE, TB38
3424CHI, LAC, MIA, NE38
5159CAR, CHI, LAC, NYJ38
5304CHI, PHI, TB, WAS38
5840CAR, IND, PHI, TB38
2558BAL, CLE, NE, WAS37
2609CLE, NE, PHI, WAS37
3347CAR, JAX, MIA, NE37
3688CAR, DEN, KC, PHI37
2611CAR, DEN, LAC, PHI36
2844MIA, NE, PHI, TB36
3089CAR, GB, PHI, TB36
3724BAL, CHI, CLE, NE36
4424DEN, NE, PHI, TB36
5602CHI, MIA, NE, PHI36
1124CAR, LAC, MIN, NE35
1189CAR, CHI, PIT, TB35
4742CAR, CHI, DEN, LAC35
303CAR, MIA, NE, PIT34
1603CAR, GB, MIA, NE34
2464BAL, CAR, MIA, PHI34
3903CHI, KC, NE, TB34
5106CAR, DEN, NE, NYJ34
2469BAL, CAR, CHI, CLE33
2623CAR, DEN, TB, WAS33
2829CAR, NE, SF, WAS33
4295CAR, DEN, PHI, TB33
4706BAL, CAR, NE, SF33
4723CAR, CLE, PHI, TB33
453CAR, JAX, NE, WAS33
2772CAR, JAX, NE, PHI33
4100CAR, MIN, NE, WAS33
5167BAL, CAR, CLE, TB33
703CAR, NE, SF, TB32
2382CAR, CHI, CLE, TB32
3667BAL, CAR, CHI, LAC31
5436CAR, CHI, LAC, WAS31
5487CAR, DEN, MIA, NE31
5847CAR, LAC, TB, WAS31
393CAR, NE, NYJ, PHI30
1248CAR, GB, NE, PHI30
4786CAR, CLE, KC, NE30
5024CAR, DEN, KC, NE30
180CAR, CHI, LAC, TB30
2549BAL, CAR, CHI, WAS29
3641CAR, CHI, PHI, TB28
2072CAR, CHI, LAC, NE24
4935BAL, CAR, NE, WAS23
2657BAL, CAR, NE, TB22