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Optimists of Southern Wisconsin - Football 2023

Presented by Optimists of Southern Wisconsin

Optimists of Southern Wisconsin
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Sep 24 Leaderboard Information
RankTicketNameCityClub NamePrizeTeamsScore
First Place3378Joanne SchaeferFranklinMILW SW$500.00HOU, KC, MIA, SEA185
Second Place5836Layton CarlsSt. FrancisOAK CREEK$150.00KC, MIA, SEA, SF178
Third Place4292Alex WedigeWaunakeeSAUK-PRAIRIE$100.00BUF, CAR, KC, MIA175
Fourth Place5345Harry VosDaneWaunakee$55.00HOU, KC, MIA, PHI173
Fourth Place5968Sheila FryMonroeMONROE NOON$55.00BUF, KC, MIA, PHI173
Sixth Place1126Kristin NimanJanesvilleJNSVL TUES$30.00KC, MIA, PIT, SEA171
Sixth Place2207Jeanne HarrelsonMadisonMAD-BRKFST$30.00BUF, CAR, HOU, MIA171
Sixth Place3430Ryan SchraderFranklinMILW SW$30.00CLE, HOU, MIA, SEA171
Last Place1542Marc HollandHartlandLAKE COUNTRY$25.00ATL, NYG, TEN, WAS24
Second to Last Place331Pat JastrowOak CreekBREW CITY$15.00CHI, NYG, TEN, WAS28
Third to Last Place5361G.G. ZimbricWaunakeeWAUNAKEE$10.00ATL, NYJ, TB, WAS30
* Prize information is representative of current sweepstakes standings only. Prize winners will be notified upon completion of the sweepstakes. *
Results For Other Weeks

Top 50

Sep 24 Top 50
Ticket #TeamsScore
3378HOU, KC, MIA, SEA185
5836KC, MIA, SEA, SF178
4292BUF, CAR, KC, MIA175
5345HOU, KC, MIA, PHI173
5968BUF, KC, MIA, PHI173
1126KC, MIA, PIT, SEA171
2207BUF, CAR, HOU, MIA171
3430CLE, HOU, MIA, SEA171
2642BUF, HOU, MIA, PHI169
1843DEN, HOU, KC, MIA168
3794BUF, DET, KC, MIA168
4291BUF, MIA, PIT, SEA167
2856BAL, HOU, KC, MIA167
2648ARI, CLE, KC, MIA166
1732BUF, IND, MIA, SEA166
913KC, LV, MIA, SEA166
1245KC, MIA, NO, SEA165
4013JAX, KC, MIA, SEA165
265ARI, KC, MIA, PHI164
1939BUF, CLE, MIA, SF164
5561DET, HOU, MIA, SEA164
5519BUF, DET, HOU, MIA164
3417BUF, DEN, MIA, SEA164
2305BUF, CAR, MIA, SF164
1547KC, LAC, MIA, PHI164
617HOU, KC, LAR, MIA164
76ARI, KC, MIA, MIN163
3584BAL, BUF, MIA, SEA163
306IND, KC, MIA, SF163
102BUF, CIN, HOU, MIA163
2468HOU, MIA, PHI, SF162
2962CAR, HOU, LAC, MIA162
1725BUF, MIA, MIN, SF161
5582ARI, BUF, MIA, PHI160
596BAL, KC, MIA, SF160
371BUF, LAR, MIA, SEA160
489HOU, IND, MIA, SF159
1962ARI, BAL, KC, MIA158
4494ARI, CIN, KC, MIA158
2160HOU, IND, LAC, MIA157
949ARI, BUF, IND, MIA157
4525ARI, HOU, IND, MIA157
3818ARI, GB, KC, MIA157
3492DET, MIA, SEA, SF157
3325IND, LAC, MIA, SEA157
1913IND, KC, MIA, MIN157
1596DEN, MIA, SEA, SF157
775IND, KC, MIA, PIT156
616KC, MIA, NE, SF156

Bottom 50

Sep 24 Bottom 50
Ticket #TeamsScore
3458BAL, CHI, NYJ, WAS42
3883ATL, NYJ, PIT, WAS42
4001ATL, NE, NYJ, TB42
3702CHI, NO, NYG, WAS42
411GB, LV, TEN, WAS42
1329DEN, NE, TEN, WAS41
2158JAX, NYJ, TB, WAS41
2547ATL, JAX, NE, TEN41
395ATL, NE, NO, TEN41
5530DAL, NYG, NYJ, TEN41
1075CHI, NO, NYJ, TEN40
2806LAR, LV, TEN, WAS40
3283LAR, NYJ, TB, WAS40
3741CHI, JAX, NYJ, WAS40
4456CHI, NE, NYG, TEN40
5041ATL, DEN, TB, WAS40
5618CHI, DAL, TB, WAS40
5022MIN, NYJ, TEN, WAS40
1967ATL, BAL, TB, WAS39
4111ATL, LV, NYG, WAS39
2963CHI, IND, TEN, WAS38
3159ATL, LV, TB, TEN38
4804ATL, CIN, NYJ, TEN38
1196DAL, LAR, TEN, WAS38
807ATL, NO, TB, WAS37
4821ATL, GB, NYJ, TEN37
5101ATL, LV, NYJ, WAS37
5206ATL, LV, NYJ, TEN37
1800ATL, GB, NYJ, WAS37
625BAL, TB, TEN, WAS36
3181ATL, NO, NYJ, WAS36
3301ATL, CHI, JAX, WAS36
3903NYG, NYJ, TB, WAS36
5015ATL, LAR, TB, WAS36
5019CHI, DET, TEN, WAS36
5849CHI, NYG, TB, WAS36
5855ATL, CHI, JAX, TEN36
4797LV, TB, TEN, WAS35
2000GB, NYJ, TEN, WAS34
3703NO, TB, TEN, WAS34
4923CHI, NYJ, TB, WAS34
5179ATL, IND, TEN, WAS34
1836NE, NYG, TEN, WAS33
4410LAR, TB, TEN, WAS33
5361ATL, NYJ, TB, WAS30
1542ATL, NYG, TEN, WAS24