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2022 Football Crazr Notice

  • The Tavern League's Week 1 results will be posted by Monday, September 19th.
  • For the rest of the season, results will be posted on Tuesdays.

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FundCrazr’s mission is to give your non-profit organization the ability to raise money with ease, while also creating an unforgettable experience for your donors. When your donors purchase FundCrazr tickets they are given access to the discount store CrazrSavr, and are automatically entered into fun sweepstakes tied to their favorite sporting events. FundCrazr's unique fundraising solution is a blast for all involved, and is just the fundraiser to meeting your funding needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you raise the money you need!

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  • Design and Order Your FundCrazr Paper Tickets

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  • Return Your Tickets and View the Sweepstakes Results

  • Pay Your Groups Sweepstakes Winners and Put the Funding to Good Use!

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