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General Questions

Why did you decide to start FundCrazr?

We started with a clear vision. We saw a need in the marketplace for a broader and more efficient type of fundraising support platform….a platform that really understands the challenges of charitable giving, management reporting and campaign structure; a platform that allows for the important role that technology and social sharing can play. Our management team has years of experience in this industry and set out to develop a comprehensive tool that truly differentiates our service – unlike any other in the charitable giving sector.

What types of organizations will benefit from FundCrazr?

Many types of organizations can benefit from our service, including: charitable 501(c)(3) organizations, church groups, school booster clubs, fraternal organizations, community sports teams, non-profit foundations and more! If you need to raise money, look no further than FundCrazr.

What is the FundCrazr mission?

Our mission is clear: to develop a social platform that allows fundraising organizations to manage every aspect of their campaign from start to finish, saving valuable time and money while reaching their monetary goals.

What makes FundCrazr stand out in comparison to similar programs?

How easy it is! The platform is very intuitive, fast and efficient…and free to join. Because FundCrazr has its roots in technology, everything you need is “self serve” and right at your fingertips, saving you time and money juggling phone calls, sharing information, campaign tracking and program coordination.

What kinds of fundraising activities will you have available?

We currently offer Basketball, Derby, and Baseball Crazr fundraising activities throughout the year. We have plans to rapidly expand into other programs such as football, hockey and soccer. The sky’s the limit, and you can make a profit starting with ticket #1!

How can I get involved in FundCrazr?

You can start by visiting our home page to Sign Up now, or if you need help, Contact Us. You can also visit our social sites and join in the discussion, and you can find these links it the footer of any of our website pages.

Where can I find out more about FundCrazr?

If you want to know more – please let us know! Send us a message through our Contact Us Form, or you can always reach us at or by calling 1 (844) 363-2797.

Campaign Manager Questions

How can I make money with FundCrazr?

You can raise funds for your cause with FundCrazr by running a campaign that provides supporters that you already know with 2 great ways to support your cause:

  1. Purchase of a Discount Code: Your supporters have the opportunity to purchase a discount code that automatically enrolls them into your fundraising program. The discount code can then be used in CrazrSavr, the FundCrazr discount store to receive deep discounts on goods within the store.
  2. Direct Donation: Your supporters also have the opportunity to make a direct donation to your organization.

Do I have to pay to use the FundCrazr platform?

There are no upfront costs to use the FundCrazr platform. FundCrazr charges a service fee for use of the platform based on the amount of funds that you raise. FundCrazr allows you to run fundraising campaigns without an upfront investment - and absolutely zero risk to you!

How can I tell how many tickets have been sold? Can I watch the activity?

You can access details about the campaign at any time. Just log in to your FundCrazr account and go to the campaigns that you are managing here.

Who is responsible for the payout of the winnings? How will I get notified?

As the campaign manager you are responsible for paying out the winnings to the winners. FundCrazr will track all entries for you and notify you of who the respective winners are upon completion of the campaign.

What are some key advantages of electronic tickets?

The sale of electronic discount code tickets provides a variety of advantages to you as a campaign manager and your supporters:

  1. There is not a cost to generate electronic tickets – so you can run a fundraising campaign with zero upfront cost and risk!
  2. You no longer need to be in the physical presence of a potential supporter: You can make sales to friends and family across the country - at any time!

How do I take advantage of social outreach?

Once you set up your fundraising campaign, FundCrazr provides you with the tools to reach out to your existing network of friends, family, and coworkers across the social platforms that you already use! Getting the word out about your fundraising campaign is just a few clicks away!

How can my supporters see the dollar amount of the prize pot?

Your supporters can track the prize pot as it grows on your campaign page. They can check back at any time to see what the prizes are!

How many tickets can I sell?

As many as possible! In addition to providing you with the ability to run a campaign with zero up-front cost, FundCrazr does not limit you.

Supporter Questions

How can I support a group that is raising money with FundCrazr?

There are 3 great ways that you can choose to support a group that is raising money with FundCrazr:

  1. (1) BUY A $20 TICKET: Your purchase provides you with: A discount code that provides you with deep discounts on products in the CrazrSavr Store and automatic entry into the organization's campaign. (No purchase necessary to enter or win)
  2. (2) SPREAD THE WORD: Use the social sharing tools provided to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and via email! The more that you let people know - the more likely it is that this fundraising campaign will meet it's goal!
  3. (3) MAKE A DONATION: This fundraising campaign accepts donation to the campaign to help out as well!

Do I get a receipt for my purchase?

For any purchase that you make on the FundCrazr platform, you will receive an email confirmation that documents the details of the purchase. Your account will also track all of your orders here

How and when do I found out if I am a winner?

You can check the campaign page at any time to see if you are winning. Upon completion of the program and final confirmation of scores, FundCrazr will send an email to the winners to let them know of their win!

If I buy an electronic ticket, can I print it out?

Yes! You can print your electronic ticket as many times as you want. Please note that the discount code is only valid for use within the CrazrSavr Store one time.